"Music is full of longing and movement. Painting should be the same."

I read this quote in Hundred and Thousands: The Journals of Emily Carr and I cannot agree more with this sentiment. Whether a painter, fibre artist, writer, photographer or working in another medium, we can always grow as artists as we strive to add emotion to our creations while reaching and resonating with our viewers.  

My art this past year has been all about trying to reach that movement and longing. I haven't always been successful but it's given me a goal. It's meant giving myself permission to explore and play more, to allow failures. Because that's how we grow. What we learn from them and how it shapes our next steps is what is important. And I've learned more about the creative process this past year than I could have hoped for.

It's been months since I've blogged. I got away from it all these months as I've focused on other areas and made some changes in my life. It's been a year of self reflection as I've entered a new decade.

So where am I now?

  • I'm teaching more, mostly Gelli Printing - both beginners and more advanced classes, and am developing a workshop on image transfers using the gelli plate which I'll be teaching on December 2nd at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte. More workshops are planned for next year. 

  • I also developed and taught a class on Journaling to Enhance Creativity, and ran a reduced version with my fibre arts group. This has so much potential and I hope to take it to another level in 2024, as it gives us much to consider as we on our artistic journeys and finding that much sought after longing and movement in our creations. 
  • DRAW - the artist retreat sponsored by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society Ottawa Valley Chapter (CPAWS-OV) was a highlight of my summer, providing lots of inspiration for new art. A week in nature and with like-minded artists was just what my soul needed. 

  • I've started my third year as Chair of the Out of the Box Fibre Artists. It's been a very rewarding position as I try to bring in the inspiration that so attracted me when I first joined the group several years ago. 
  • And I'm going back to school! Yes! A bit scary but I've started in a year-long program called Holistic Integrated Creative Arts Therapy Practitioner Training. It builds on a college program I took years ago on the Expressive Arts Therapies, which I loved but didn't do as much as I wanted in that area. This will fill in the gaps that I need to take my teaching to the next level. I'm just two weeks in but am already finding it of much benefit. Thankfully it's all online and I can work at my own pace to get the readings and assignments done. And music does play a part in this program and I'm excited to bring back my love of music and be able to use it as part of my artistic practice.
My new plan for this blog is to send something out on a monthly basis. Writing that down should make it happen, right!?!  I plan to include quotes, photos, and an update on the classes I'm both teaching and taking, along with other tidbits of inspiration.

Until next month,


  1. Going back to school sounds fun! I can’t wait to see the new stuff you work on this year.

  2. Thanks! This is the 3rd time I'm going back to school as an adult. I love it. We'll see what the year ahead brings.



"Music is full of longing and movement.  Painting should be the same." I read this quote in Hundred and Thousands: The Journals of...