How many art pieces or projects did you start in 2019 (or earlier) that aren't finished? If you're like me, I get excited planning and starting new projects, and make good progress on them up until the next idea comes along. Then my interest wanes and sometimes I finish them, sometimes not. On some pieces I'm unsure what step to take next, so the picture just sits until the answer comes, which may be months... or never....

Then I stumbled across an idea on a friend's blog - to post a list that is shared with others of those unfinished projects that we really would like to finish. The idea was to identify 12 outstanding projects, and target one each month to work on and complete by the end of the year. 

I shared this idea with friends in an open studio group, and was met with an enthusiastic response. A recipe for success we hope!

And so an excel spreadsheet was born and shared, and after a few tweaks, we each got our lists posted. 12 projects seemed reasonable, with monthly updates reporting on our progress. Some chose to add projects that hadn't actually been started, but ones they had been thinking about doing. I thought that was a great idea. While it would be nice to finish one piece each month, progress on a few is okay too as long as we are moving forward.

Sharing photos is of course welcome, as is asking for feedback, ideas, input, or whatever is needed to help us stay on track. But being accountable to each other is the best part. 

The goal of course is to have all the art pieces completed by the end of the year, giving us almost 12 months, but also not letting any new projects we undertake fall to the wayside. But any of those that aren't done will get added to a list next year.

"Now that’s all I want to do!  I’m very motivated..."
"I am excited to begin!"
"I am sure it will help me to finish my artworks, to give life to other works ..."

We are already seeing results after just a few weeks. I've managed to make a bit of progress on 3 of my art pieces, and finished one of the smaller ones - a fibre art interpretation of Electrified Cat's Moss. Although it had taken me months to find the right technique, once I did, it came together very quickly. And like the comment above, I too am motivated to get my unfinished pieces finished. 

I'll sign off this post by sharing a quote in Olympic speedskater and cyclist Clara Hughes' book Open Heart, Open Mind. This quote resonated with me, especially since I worked in sport for several years, but also because applies to any walk of life, and any type of project.

"You can only attract success for yourself if you want every single 
one of your competitors to be good and strong. 
When you wish good things for others, this comes back to you. 
The strength to be kind is not often asked for, 
but this is perhaps the most important strength to have."

Quote by an elder to Clara Hughes 

Very true.


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