It's been wonderful being able to visit art shows again in person, to actually see the art and not just on a computer screen, to talk to the artists. I like to take photos of art too (with permission of course), especially when I'm inspired by a piece, or when there is a colour combination or perhaps a technique that could be a potential solution to a struggle or two with art that I'm currently making. 

A couple of these shows took me to small towns not far from home. We like to take long walks around places we visit, poking in shops in downtown areas, visiting waterfronts, finding interesting details on buildings and even alleys that invite one to explore. I find so much inspiration and can't help but take more photos, all becoming great references for future. Here are a few from a recent trip that will more than likely be turned into some kind of art:

The striking colour of the orange lichen against
the dark colour, rust, 
and discoloration on a steel bridge:

An old, abandoned factory - there is a kind of beauty in this decay, and I'm already planning a piece from these photos:

I just had to get these 2 photos - a quote painted on a wall on the main street, and a mural made entirely of handpainted small squares, each with a different picture, then assembled into the the larger mural. How inspiring - and creative - are these:

I'm also finding much inspiration during nature hikes. I had joined a snowshoeing and hiking group this past winter, discovering trails in my area that I had not visited before and some I had but had not thoroughly explored. And while I joined primarily for the exercise, I'm thoroughly enjoying the social side and being inspired by the beauty around us during these nature treks, I take photos when I can during these hikes, and have even revisited a couple of places to take more as these photos are providing wonderful inspiration for new art pieces. 

Where do you find your inspiration for new art, or for other creative ventures?


"Music is full of longing and movement.  Painting should be the same." I read this quote in Hundred and Thousands: The Journals of...