Artivism: The Power of Art for Social Transformation

It's been several weeks since I've written a blog post. I think I needed a break from writing then I got busy with other projects and activities while enjoying the autumn months.

But there is one event I wanted to mention: I was honoured earlier this month to make a presentation as part of an Artivism initiative by Adelphi University in New York. They have been arranging a series of guest speaker presentations that demonstrate how the arts can make a difference in creating awareness and for social change. The presentations cover not only visual arts, but also music, performance, community projects and many other initiatives. There are presentations via Zoom most Mondays, and are uploaded to their YouTube page afterwards.

My topic as part of this initiative was Embracing the Natural Art Around us for Self-Reflection and Personal Growth. in which I speak about my how my art represents timeworn and weathered objects around us, both in nature and manmade, and how it can help us find connections and create opportunities for self-reflection, growth and gratitude.

I think it went well, and my friends tell me they gained insight into the meanings behind my art. I invite you to watch the presentation at the link above. I'm pleased that I've had lots of opportunities for public speaking over the last year - all that practice definitely helps. And it really is easier to speak to an audience when it's a subject we are passionate about.

I was referred to this Artivism initiative by my good friend, international tapestry weaver Krystyna Sadej, who made a presentation on Art Made of Recyclable Materials. hHr husband, Andrzej, Paralympic Head Coach and Coaching & Education Director with Judo Canada, will be presenting on Monday, November 21, on Social transformation in the art of judo by developing a program adaptable for the visually impaired, alongside his athlete, Priscilla. Krystyna's daughter, Katarzyna Sadej, international opera and concert and classically trained mezzo-soprano, spoke this past spring about her Earth Singing Project

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