How often do you hear someone say "I'm really bad at remembering names"? I'm one of those. I was told a few years ago that we have to say someone's name 3 times when we first meet them in order to remember it. Uh huh. That didn't always work for me.

Then I met someone this week (gosh, what did she say her name was ?!) who asked how I spell my name, specifically with or without an 'e'. She explained that she remembers names by "seeing" it as a word and with all its letters, so she always check the spelling, even when it's a simple name.

It occurred to me later that she must be a "visual" learner. Approximately 65% of the population are visual learners, 30% auditory, and the remaining 5% are kinesthetic.

Auditory learners are naturally good at remembering names and at finding ways to do so. Kinesthetics need to feel some kind of connection with you in order to remember your name. 

Visuals will remember a face, but not the name. Since 65% of us are visuals, it's no wonder I hear so often from people how bad we are with names. By working with images, perhaps this idea of seeing the name written out is just the trick we visuals need to cement a name to memory. I will try this next time I meet someone and check how they spell their name. And if you give it a try too, let me know if it works for you!

Anne - that's Anne with an e - Warburton
Visual Learner, Fibre Artist and Blogger


  1. I am also horrible at remembering names, but someone shared a trick with me that, when I remember to use it, I find helpful. The trick is to try to associate the name with something. I usually try a rhyme. So for example...for my own name, Lissa, I would rhyme it with pizza. LOL ...or, I could associate it with the Mona Lisa. I find if I do both, use a rhyme and an association with something else, I almost always remember the name. I think the spelling trick is a good one too.

    1. I recall trying that trick too - unfortunately it didn't work as well for me as it seems to for you. I would remember for a short time, but by the next day, well the name was often forgotten, along with the association. Seeing the name and letters so far seems to be working for me, perhaps because I say the name (aloud or not) followed by spelling it and seeing it in my mind which becomes both visual and thought reinforcement.
      Whatever tricks work, go with it.



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