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Asked a few years ago to list the 10 places or experiences I find most inspiring, I found the first few were easy to identify. For the last few I had to think a little deeper.
This process of identifying inspiring times when I was most relaxed and open to ideas felt like a gateway to me, reminding me of ways and places I can awaken and open up my creativity.
For each of the places I listed, I realized that in some ways I can continue to feel motivated, to find insights, even though some I had not visited for several years, by going through my old photos, mementos, books and memories. These still have the power to awaken my senses to help me re-live visits, re-capture some of the ideas I had at the time, and to continue to up with new ideas. And each place provides something unique.

Of course, the best thing is to re-visit these or similar types of spots in person if possible to really allow the creativity to soar. It's like re-filling the well with new ideas, to take those first steps toward a dream, to finally start to do what I had only talked about doing. 
When I recently reviewed the list of 10 places I put together years ago, I discovered that it remains unchanged for me. I may now visit a different location, but its the type of places and the experiences that matter. And I have made a new pact to go to these places more often, to keep that inspiration front of mind so I can feel and act upon it.
I highly recommend that you take the time to write out your list of 10 places and experiences you find most inspiring, and give a few a visit again soon.
Here are mine, perhaps you'll have some of these on your list.
  • Art shows, and especially fibre art shows
  • Fabric stores & vintage shops to find interesting textiles
  • Gardens with art
  • My travel photos
  • Walks in old neighbourhoods
  • Flea markets
  • Bookstores and libraries, and finding some unique art books
  • Art classes & studio time, specifically creating with other people
  • My deck, while listening to the sounds of nature
  • Anywhere outdoors beside a creek, river or lake

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